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R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. Debates the U.S. Election in Britain


Yesterday evening at Church House in London, our editor for life R. Emmett (“Bob”) Tyrrell, Jr. joined six other luminaries in a debate sponsored by The Spectator (UK) on just who will win the U.S. presidency on November 8. According to sources, the final results were rigged, not that Bob and such participants as Conrad Black and Taki […]

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Superbugs, Baylor, Obama, And Boys to Men


Obama’s walled mansion. Still needed: moat. Why aren’t there bridges and guest rooms? The Phoenician is European. The Senate is still selling out conservatives. And they wonder why the electorate is a boiling kettle of rage. Antibiotic-resistant superbug is on America’s shores. Doctors are terrified. Make yourself great again — the self-help movement Trump is […]

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Credit: Ross Huggett, Flickr cc

News You Missed: A Roadside Bomb–In America & More


Bad things happened while you were staring at the Trump fire: A roadside bomb under a bridge in Texas. You didn’t hear about this? Gee, I wonder why? Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky’s predilection for young boys as far back as 1976. A coal worker cried to Hillary. She didn’t care. Obama’s secret buddies […]

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Preparing For The End


The voice of reason is muted of late. In the spirit of hysterics, one must find amusements to distract from the distressing realities. There are more than a few ways to do this. First, one can become a prepper–you know, people who prepare for the worst and buy guns, ammo, rations, and hunker down. Here’s […]

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Pointing Fingers And Pointy Heads


Who’s to blame for the rise of Donald Trump? Ace says Obama. Cruz? Come on. This is the most specious argument. Donald Trump’s lying lips and the media that’s his megaphone? Good candidates, for sure. Andrew Sullivan blames Democracy and the rubes for not loving the elites enough. A couple good points. Jim Geraghty rightly […]

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Credit: Wikipedia

Babies, Bathrooms, Boycotts, And Bad Realities


The Left hates Western Civilization and there’s ample evidence today that they’re succeeding in destroying it. Teen moms aren’t having babies so much anymore. Why? Andrew Malcolm explores. Speaking of babies, are the #NeverTrump folks being big babies? Redstate’s Leon Wolf says, “Nope. Don’t blame us.” The transgender bathroom brouhaha turns out to be bad […]

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Credit: Instagram/Beyonce

Word Association: Lemonade, Crybabies, and Kasich


Beyoncé made lemonade out of her sour relationship. Maybe. Mollie Hemingway has thoughts on the new feminism in The Federalist today. College kids get a stern talking to by the CEO who will soon fire them. Kyle Reyes writes a letter to crybabies in the New Boston Post. A Kasich-Cruz alliance to stop Donald Trump. […]

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A Self-Aware Liberal, Lynching and Gun Control, Arab Tech Schools For Four Year Olds


The Smug Style of liberals.  Liberal Voxer Emmett Rensin explores the epistemic closure of the left. Gun control and lynching: The Great Equalizer in post-slavery America by Charles Cooke, National Review. Detroit, flush with cash (wait, no it isn’t) decides to open an Arabic Technical school for four year olds. Viktor Skinner of Education Action […]

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The 2015 Spectator Gala, Featuring Sen. Rand Paul


WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2015 VIP Reception 6:30 pm | General Reception 6:30 pm | Dinner 7:30 pmJW Marriott | 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW | Washington, DC 20004Please Reserve Rooms in The American Spectator BlockCocktail Attire PLEASE REGISTER HERE RSVP requested by February 1 DIGNITARIES Keynote SpeakerSenator Rand Paul HostR. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. Master of CeremoniesGrover […]

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Why Is the U.S. Stiff-Arming Nigeria?


The January 5 editorial in the Wall Street Journal titled “#BokoHaramIsWinning” should serve as a wake-up call to the Obama administration. News reports of the ruthless, radical Islamist terrorist group’s takeover of an army base followed by the multi-national anti-Boko Haram force abandoning another base just yesterday is cause for great concern to Nigeria and […]

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