Eric Peters

Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author of Automotive Atrocities: The Cars You Love to Hate (Motor Books International) and a new book, Road Hogs.


VW’s Politically Incorrect ‘Chick Car’


There are men’s — and women’s — clothes. Different cut, different colors, different emphasis. No one sane complains that either derogates the other. If anything, the opposite. Women’s clothes make women look better; men’s also. It’s kind of the point. They are tailored to fit their different bodies and different preferences. Because the sexes are […]

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VW electric

Electric Seppuku


You have probably watched a samurai movie — and know about Seppuku. Ritual suicide to avoid the shame of being dishonored — particularly by defeat in war. VW is in the process of committing Seppuku. The electric car serving as its samurai sword. The imbecile shame over having “cheated” government emissions tests (like “cheating” a […]

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Fat Girl in a Bikini


You may have read that GM killed the electric car. This isn’t true. The government did. The practical electric car, at any rate. By imposing car design edicts that have made it impossible (so far) to build an economical electric car. An economical electric car would have to be, above all, a very light car. […]

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Now Harley…


Now Harley’s being nailed to the cross. For “cheating” Uncle’s emissions rigmarole, like VW was accused of doing (and admitted to doing). This being like “cheating” speed traps by using a radar detector. In each case, there being no evidence of tangible harm caused to anyone. Except, of course, an aggrieved Uncle. And he’s not […]

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Rearden Steel — in Real Life


Engines are getting smaller again — but not because gas is getting expensive again. At about $2 per gallon for regular unleaded, the pressure to downsize engines isn’t economic… it’s regulatory. The federal government is about to kick up the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirement to 54.5 MPG. The current standard is 35.5 MPG. […]

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Public Roads as Musk’s Private Test Track


Logic — let alone reasonableness — is not one of government’s stronger suits. There are many examples of this, but here’s a newsie one: The use of public roads as test tracks for Tesla (and Google) self-driving car technology. On the one hand, government rigidly persecutes “speeders” on the basis (so it is claimed) that […]

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But Why Aren’t People Buying Electric Cars?


Trump is ascendant not because he’s a freedom jouster but because the people are exasperated with a clueless (and contemptuous of them) party apparat that for years has been trotting out one inbred Bush after the next, with Bush-like things in between such as Mittens and Ted. This is not a cheer for Trump. It’s […]

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VW Shaken Down


If you own a VW diesel guilty of “cheating” Uncle, you’d better scuttle on down to your local VW store. Not to “fix” it (they’re not broken) but to get your money before there’s none left. On Tuesday, Uncle announced the most draconian punishment ever meted out to a car company over the TDI “cheating” […]

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The Autobahn to No Emissions


Did you catch that the internal combustion engine has been outlawed? Not here… not yet. In Germany — where according to a just announced new mandate all new cars registered come 2030 will have to be “emissions free.” This includes carbon dioxide — which is regarded by the German government as an “emission” and regulated as […]

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Uncles Great and Small: The Attack on VW Picks Up


The assault on VW for “cheating” Uncle is metastasizing. The little Uncles — state governments — are piling on. Five of them (New Jersey, Texas, New Mexico, Kentucky, and West Virginia) have formally filed civil lawsuits over the TDI diesel emissions “scandal,” seeking millions of dollars in fines. Forty-eight state-level attorney generals are “investigating” VW. […]

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