Judah Friedman

Judah Friedman is a writer in Los Angeles.


Partial-Birth Murder Is What Truly Disqualifies Hillary


In the twelve-step world there is a joke: the 12 steps keep us from killing ourselves and the traditions keep us from killing each other. America is a society of rules, and America is a society of traditions. The rules protect us from each other and the traditions supposedly protect us from ourselves. Donald Trump, […]

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Donald Trump in the New Year


Last week I had the pleasure of spending my New Year holiday with some very special friends. My friend’s wife cooked an extraordinary meal for a minion of husbands, wives, and their beautiful children. The meal was spent honoring the New Year, with the sweetness we all hope for. Challah and honey, as well as […]

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Trump Voter Witness Protection


There was an extremely funny article in the Financial Times a few days ago, and I’m saying “funny,” rather than asinine. It was about how pollsters were having a hard time finding any “shy” Trump supporters. If you think about that statement, it appears to be idiotic. Think about it. It’s like saying that you […]

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As Viewed Through the Twilight


There was a brilliant Twilight Zone, and yes that’s an oxymoron since they were all brilliant. It was an episode about an empty plane that landed at an airport. The inspector who’s called in theorizes that it’s the power of mass manipulation and that the plane really doesn’t exist. They all see the plane’s seats […]

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There’s Only One Safe Bet Tonight


My debate predictions are that Monday night football will have its lowest ratings ever. In America, you’re not allowed to bet on the presidential elections. If you could, just imagine all of the different betting and prop bets that would be wagered. Anyone who claims he can predict the course of events tonight is betting against himself. […]

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Who the Hillary Is She?


So here we are, 40 days and change left. One candidate who’s everywhere, and one who is playing a game of hide and seek.  Come out, come out wherever you are, Hillary. I want you to think about this. Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for the better part of 30 years and […]

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She’s Leaving on a Jet Plane of Her Very Own


I cannot stop thinking about Hillary’s new plane. So many questions, so many hypocrisies, my head feels like a chicken cooking on a rotisserie just thinking about it. They say imitation is the best form of flattery and Hillary is the great imitator, so enjoy your Mini-Trump. But before we start, I think it’s important to […]

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Hillary’s Running Out Her Broken Clock


The game plan was working, let’s “protect the lead,” and, yes, it’s football season, baby. So, are you ready for some football analogies and metaphors? There is one thing all of us football fans hate, other than breast cancer awareness month and Mr. Pig Socks. We hate when our team is up, and the coach decides […]

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Trump Protesters Without Borders


One of my favorite charities is Doctors Without Borders. It’s the only charity it never bothers me to be accosted by at the local grocery store. Is there anything more noble then risking your life to save another’s? Doctors traveling the globe helping those who can’t yet help themselves — I can’t fathom why they are […]

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Unfiltered Donald Tries Out New Material


I constantly have what I perceive to be brilliant thoughts and theories that swirl around my brain. After careful study, and using my friends as my thought and theory Guinea pigs, I soon find out what is funny, thoughtful, idiotic, and what I should never ever repeat. And every once in a while my “brilliance” […]

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